Home made Baklava

Cambridge Foodie Gerry makes his blog debut by sharing his Baklava recipe. Gerry has been experimenting with this recipe at home for a while now and I have tried this myself and it’s well worth a go – Simon


• Chopped up pecans, almonds, and dried mango mixed with honey.

• 250g of Ghee (butter which is melted and strained).

• 200ml water with roughly 250g brown sugar and half teaspoon cinnamon.

• 300g pastry in 30/40 sheets.

Spread ghee on the pastry then layer it.

Halfway, add your sweet nuts mixed with honey.

Once finished, cut to portion. Careful not to disturb the layers then warm oven to 150c.

Bake for 20min, then lower to 130. Make syrup.

Warm syrup till dissolved then boil for about 10 min. Reduce heat to simmer.

Once baked pour the syrup on and allow to cool. I do this in the oven after I have turned off as the residual heat reduces the syrup further, while keeping it fluid longer. This gets it into all the layers.

I love making it, it’s so therapeutic.

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