The Old Ticket Office – Cambridge Square

Even in some of the bleakest places, amidst one of the most depressing squares to ever be constructed in Cambridge, lies a little gem of a pub attached to the Cambridge train station.

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While waiting to visit the hit Indian restaurant Tawa the other day, we stumbled into the Old Ticket Office and discovered a selection of decent beers.

The pub outside is very pleasant and had some nice outdoor seating, perfect for people who are painfully early for their train…or more importantly, for people who have either missed their train or just had them cancelled.

The beer board itself was not overly inspiring, though there were a few drinks I was fond of. I saw Beavertown and Erdinger mentioned. There was even a choice to have an Old Fashioned cocktail. What treasures laid within this pub however were actually missing from the board entirely and on tap at the bar.

We found ourselves a selection of 4 beers from the ‘Tiny Rebel’ brewery. This is a Welsh Brewery from Newport which I have noticed pop up often in Cambridge. I have had several ‘Tiny Rebel’ beers in the past and have always enjoyed their range of easy going IPA’s and pale ales.

I helped myself to a pint of ‘Clwb Tropica’, a lovely tropical IPA at a sessionable 5.5%. Sean had an ‘Easy Livin’ pale ale which was also at a very carefree 4.3%.

I really enjoyed the ’11th Birthday Limoncello’ double IPA (8.5%) which was a refreshingly different change of pace from the other two. The was also ‘Cali Pale’ (5%?), Electric Boogaloo NEIPA (4.5%).

We enjoyed our drinks outside as the sun was out. Tiny Rebel is a great summer time brewery which is perfect for this kind of day. It even managed to brighten up our mood having to sit in front of the bleak characterless grey square full of taxis puking out smog while they sit still for hours with their engines on. Luckily there was a few food vans blocking the view of the square, including Al Chile, which is a favourite of mine that occasionally visits Ely market.

Tiny Rebel was a great little find, especially since during my last visit these were not available. Let’s hope they stay, as this suddenly gives me a reason to visit this painful reminder of what modern Cambridge is becoming.

Thanks for reading.