Stoneworks – Peterborough

In the final part of my Peterborough craft beer journey, we popped into Stoneworks on Church Street.

Located in a basement on the main square, Stoneworks offers a wide selection of quality drinks. It looks like a regular ground level bar from the outside but from the moment you enter you are immediately led underground into a very long room with a fantastic looking bar at the end.

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They have some great artwork on the walls and an arcade with pac man in the corner. Parts of the bar look historic, mostly due to the stone walls. This plays into the underground basement charm. It reminds me of some of the bars in Brussels with the stone tunnels leading to an edgy bar at the end. There are sofas, stalls, and an area outside for standing/smoking.

The bar is a glorious sight to behold with a wide range of breweries from Bone Machine, Abyss, locally based Pastore (Waterbeach4life 😎), and Pollys. There were quite a few taps dedicated to Vocation too. The individual working behind the bar was a real character and had a real positive energy and good knowledge for beer recommendations. Unfortunately, one of the taps was very very slow and happened to be the one tap everyone wanted to drink from (Dia De Muertos – Bone Machine). This led to a very long wait at the bar.

I went for a Pollys ‘Amarillo IPA’. This was a fairly average IPA but did have a nice bitter finish, which I enjoy. Pints and half litres aren’t served here, your choices are 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3’s. I went for a 2/3 that came up £5.40.

Due to the bar getting quite busy and the queue building up due to the slow tap, we decided to leave it at one. I really like Stoneworks and look forward to coming back again to explore their selection further. I can really see this place having a great atmosphere in the evenings.

Thanks for reading!