Catering Circle’s Annual Business Conference Gala Dinner (2023) @ The Meridian Grand

Sean and I were recently invited to the Catering Circle's Business Conference Gala Dinner at the prestigious Meridian Grand, in London. This is an annual event held to discuss current challenges facing the Bangladesh catering industry, network with other businesses, and to hand out awards for their TV show on 'Channel S'. I was excited … Continue reading Catering Circle’s Annual Business Conference Gala Dinner (2023) @ The Meridian Grand

Bengal Village – Brick Lane

Well, Begal Village was nothing to shout about really. Brick Lane has a reputation for great Indian cuisine, but we forget that there is also alot of rubbish there too. How this place won any awards I'll never know!Especially with places like Aladins, Monsoon and Tayyabs around the corner. We were attracted by the 40% … Continue reading Bengal Village – Brick Lane

Dishoom – Shoreditch.

A place I have been dying to try for some time now is the incredibly popular and cult restaurant chain, Dishooms. Dishooms celebrates the long extinct Irani style Bombay cafes which brings a whole new dimension to Indian cuisine in the city. My friends and I had the pleasure of Dishooms in Shoreditch this weekend … Continue reading Dishoom – Shoreditch.

The Regency Club – London.

When I say that a place has been well over due for a visit, The Regency Club REALLY has been one of those places which has been well over due for a visit. Mainly down to its slightly awkward location in north west London, in the suburb of Queensbury, the place is a bit of … Continue reading The Regency Club – London.

Diwana – Euston, London.

Meeting up with my good friend Charlie in London this weekend, we decided to take up the opportunity to try something different. We headed to Diwana, a vegetarian restaurant in Euston. This place has quite a cult following in the vegetarian scene and has a lot of respect from people all over London. Its not … Continue reading Diwana – Euston, London.

Tayyabs – Whats all the fuss?

After a night out in Brick Lane a few months back, I ended up going back to Liverpool Street station to catch my train. I ended up talking to a lad who lived in the area who claimed to love Indian food and curry as much as I! Hard to imagine, right? He suggested that … Continue reading Tayyabs – Whats all the fuss?

Ed's Beard Review – Monsoon – Brick Lane.

You know, well at least i hope you will, finally coming round to review a place that you visited nearly two weeks ago would normally be considered hard. But not only did it leave a good lasting impression but i had the foresight to actually write a page of notes before i eventually passed out … Continue reading Ed's Beard Review – Monsoon – Brick Lane.

Ed’s beard review – Aladins – Brick Lane!

It was a dark and stormy night.. well it wasn't stormy... but it was at least the evening... and dark.. In any case it was the second curry crew visit to brick lane on this particular evening and there were questions floating around in my mind as to whether or not this would be of … Continue reading Ed’s beard review – Aladins – Brick Lane!