Honest Burger – Cambridge

My friend was reviewing Honest Burger for his blog fighting for better wheelchair access in and around Cambridge. Tagging along, I decided to write my feelings on the place too for the Cambridge Foodies.

I apologise for the photo quality but we were in a bit of a rush. Both my friend and I were very hungry at the time. It was good to see that though the building was historic and old (located where the The Cow pub used to be) the place was spacious and open which is great for wheelchair users. It also has a disabled toilet too which is quite rare in buildings like this. So massive credit to them!

I’m an absolute sucker for an Oktoberfest! Extra points! 😍

We went for their standard generic burger and chicken burger. I really enjoyed the bun which was robust and able to hold everything there with ease. Many places fall flat here and focus so much on the ingredients of what they put into the burger that they scrimp on the bun, which leads to a huge collapse.

The onion rings and chips were top notch too. I was thoroughly impressed with both.

Look at that face of joy!

Honest Burger is probably one of my favourite burger restaurant chains. I certainly feel that I would come back here over Byron Burger which felt to be very generic and over priced for what you got. The prices are about the same here but I feel that Honest Burger just pipped Byron Burger on quality. With both being only a five minute walk from each other, I feel that they are in direct competition and comparable.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

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