Byron Burger – Cambridge

Byron Burgers had been around for a while now, so I decided to pop in with a friend to review the wheelchair access for his blog. While I was here helping him fight for better wheelchair access in Cambridge, I thought that I may as well write what I found for mine too.

The entrance is great for wheelchair users. The floor is flat which makes rolling in with a wheelchair very easy. This is also good for other individuals who may struggle with steps.

The venue is open, spacious, and clean. Tables were very easy to get wheelchairs under which is helpful but just for wheelchair users but also tall people like myself.

The menu was a decent size, with vegetarian and vegan options too. I have always struggled with burger joints as I feel that they are over priced. A burger is essentially some mince, a bun, and cheese… Maybe a potato. Why are the meals coming to £25-35 a person with drinks? You could get an Indian for two for this price and be significantly more full and (in my opinion) get a more exciting dish.

The burgers were nothing overly inspiring but not terrible either. They fall into that middle ground which can get lost in your memory. Burger joints are ten a penny these days, so it’s hard to stand out, which I think is where Byron Burger may struggle to get my recommendation. This would be a place thoroughly welcome and exciting for a town sized place like Ely or St Neots but for Cambridge is impossible to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger and I don’t think anyone will leave feeling disappointed with what they are eating but I feel they may struggle to justify their cost.

Byron Burger was an overall pleasant experience but I feel no urge to come back again. I feel this may be a good generic place for a work social do which can cater for everyone but I can’t help but feel that I would leave feeling like I wasted my money. If I have the money to come here then why not one of the other excellent restaurants in Cambridge? I cannot even justify it for a child’s birthday party which I feel would be really good for, as it just feels too expensive.

What do you think? Does Byron Burger have a place in a highly competitive city or is it better placed for small towns?

Thanks for reading.

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