Montaz – Newmarket

Montaz is the best indian restaurant in newmarket. If not, for miles.

An absolutely superb night at Montaz tonight.

We were treated to a full 5 course meal for the Channel S program “The Catering Circle”.

The aubergine appetisers were one of the stars of the show for me tonight. It was not listed on the menu but clearly stood out to me as one of the most rememberable dishes. It was excellently presented, a great mix of textures, and a burst of flavours (see picture).

The pheasant infused tea was something…new lol. It wasn’t my cup of tea (boom boom!) but the bay leaves which accompanied it were delicious.

The main course was the Ox cheek slow roasted in spices. It came with Aloo Chole potatoes and chickpeas in an onion and tomato sauce, greens, rice and a honey and ginger and naan. The ox cheek absolutely blew my mind. Every time I’ve had ox cheek in the past it’s been incredibly tough, even when given a lot of care. This however fell to pieces when you start to eat it.

It was executed perfectly.

I forget exactly what the dessert was, but it was chocolate mousse based and didn’t disappoint either. I was glad to see a good selection of beer on tap, Cobra beer, and my favourite, Mongoose.

The customer service was on another level tonight. Granted it was a special night, but there were also a camera crew, special guests, and the mayor here, so it was incredibly busy too, and they managed well. Not to mention that all the food came out in good time. Everything ran smoothly this evening.

I wish them the very best of luck this evening. I knew they are going to do well as I couldn’t fault a thing. I look forward to coming back soon.

Please check out and support their charity of choice The Jockeys Fund:

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