Budvar Dark

Bottles of Budvar Beer (Czech)

I want to make my first post about a type of beer which is very special to me. The Budvar Dark Lager.

Czech beer used to be plentiful in Cambridge up until about 5-6 years ago. Nowadays, you may find the odd Staropramen or Prava lingering around in pubs but these are now made by Coors and mass produced in the UK 🤮 and naturally taste nothing like the real thing.


I’ve had to find these on Beer Hunter as you can’t get them in the UK. Unfortunately, as a result of having to import them, this has set me back £37 (Inc delivery) for 20 500ml bottles…So, £1.85 each.

I remember first having these in Prague on tap. They really are the best of both worlds with the smooth refreshingness of a lager/beer but with a deep bold flavour of an ale.

If any pub ends up selling these on tap I think I’d end up throwing my entire bank account at them, so please let me know if you stumble across these!

Cheers 🍻

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