The Eltisley – Eltisley

Superb meal at The Eltisley last night.


This restaurant is absolutely stunning inside and out. A fireplace, historic wooden beams, and a gorgeous dining hall with fantastic artwork (I’ve stolen a few photos online as I didn’t get a chance to take many).


This is a perfect example of a cosy traditional English pub.

The menu also matched the look and feel of the pub with a very traditional selection of cuisine – Steaks, sea bass, and burgers.


The starters were particularly exciting with succulent and very juicy king prawns. These were some of the best I’ve had in a long time and I highly recommend.


There were a selection of 3 steaks. Rib eye, sirloin, and fillet. I decided to go for sirloin which was cooked perfectly. The chips were thick cut, crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside, as they should be!

One of us ordered their steak raw and mentioned that it’s not overly common for a restaurant to get a rare steak done correctly but at The Eltisley executed it perfectly.


I had sticky toffee pudding which went down a treat.


I was pleased to see Erdinger on tap. I’m really struggling to find good lager/beer in pubs these days, so it was nice to have some quality. There is nothing I hate more than having to pay £4 for a pint of average beer.

The service was friendly, formal, and attentive. We never waited long for anything, including our food.

The food was top quality and reassuringly expensive. We had no quarrel with paying for a meal this good, especially when the service and overall dining experience was so positive.

I could really see this being a good choice for Christmas

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