Tzatziki @ The Royal Standard

It has been a long time coming but I have finally made it to The Royal Standard! 🎉 The Royal Standard is not just known for having a wide selection of imported European beer and local craft beer but also for hosting one of the hottest Greek restaurants in Cambridge, Tzatziki. Advert - Lalbagh, Bourn … Continue reading Tzatziki @ The Royal Standard

The Alexander – The best burgers in town!

After a couple of excited posts on the Cambridge Foodies about the burgers at The Alex, on Gwydir Street, I decided to visit for myself and see what all the fuss was about. The pub is a lovely place to be in, with a lovely back area making it significantly more roomy than it appears … Continue reading The Alexander – The best burgers in town!

The Brook – Home to the best biryani in Cambridge? 🇮🇳

After reading Lee Heryet's post about his quest to find the ultimate biryani in Cambridge, I simply had to visit for myself, especially after his bold claim that The Brook on Mill Road was one of the best and most authentic biryani's in the city. It was not just Lee I had heard this from … Continue reading The Brook – Home to the best biryani in Cambridge? 🇮🇳

The Bridge – Waterbeach

After an afternoon sailing down the river Cam in my friends fancy new boat we decided to pop by an old favourite of mine, The Bridge in Waterbeach. The Bridge has it all. A large dog friendly beer garden along the river, a classic and tastefully decorated interior, and a good selection of premium beers. … Continue reading The Bridge – Waterbeach

The Pint Shop 🇬🇧

You'd be forgiven for thinking The Pint Shop is all about the beer. It is, after all, where this little gem in the heart of Cambridge gets its name. There is however, a great selection of food on offer too. This visit was a belated birthday surprise for me, and after a few hours in … Continue reading The Pint Shop 🇬🇧

The Blue Moon – Norfolk Street

Boy, its been a long time since I was last here! Back in the days this was known as The Man On The Moon and was a popular gig venue well known for its trashy feel and under age drinking. That was a long time ago now and the pub has now reinvented itself as … Continue reading The Blue Moon – Norfolk Street

196 – Mill Road

You'd be forgiven for never knowing that 196 existed. Though the name of the bar is actually plastered across the entrance, 196 is simply the address. Walking past you would only assume that it is another generic cafe or place of business. There is no sign out the front, no menu is on display, and … Continue reading 196 – Mill Road

Lot 25 – Willingham

An absolutely superb evening watching the mighty England stuff Germany at Lot 25! I had no idea this place existed despite driving past numerous times during my daily commute through Willingham. It is very tucked away and you can be forgiven for missing it but once you know where it is the place opens up … Continue reading Lot 25 – Willingham