Herbies – Swavesy (A14)

Herbies american diner just off the a14 is a great place for burgers

Every fiber of my being is cheering for Herbie’s!

I love the fact it’s independent, I love the fact it’s local, and I love the fact that it’s also a themed restaurant which doesn’t require having to mission all the way into Cambridge!

I know it’s had a rough time with the A14 upgrade over the past year or so, which just makes me want it to succeed even more! But unfortunately, if you are looking for a high end burger (which is what it’s priced at) then it will fall short of some of the better burger joints around.

I ordered a favourite of mine, the chilli burger.

I knew this was going to be a messy one and it didn’t disappoint. Being messy is all part of the fun, so I was aware of what I was ordering before hand, but the entire thing had to be eaten with a knife and fork as the bun was too weak to hold it together.

I tried to brave it but ended up getting completely doused and having to use a ridiculous amount of tissues.

The chilli was very spicy, which was great, as a lot of places would have made this mild to cater for the average Joe but he mince was flavourless. This is the very foundation of the burger and something you just cant get wrong!

The tomato was also very unripe.

That said, the chips may not win any awards but the portions were very generous – which was great for my bottomless pit of a son. This is where Herbies really shines. You’ll always get a big portion which might be what a lot of people are looking for and it’s certainly what you think when you think of the USA!

The atmosphere, interior decorating, and customer service was absolutely excellent. Every time I come I enjoy the company of the staff and my surroundings.

There is a superb selection of soda and milkshakes you simply cant find anywhere else, which gives Herbie’s something special to those sugar junkies out there! I don’t think I know of another place in Cambridge with this kind of selection, so if you are a “soda” drinker, sugar junkie, or a fan of USA brand sweets then make sure you check our Herbies!

Otherwise, I feel like even Ed’s Easy Diner would a better quality of food for a similar price. For £12 what you are getting just isn’t up to the huge amount of competition in the burger market these days. It pains me to say for a place I am cheering for the entire way.

Do we have any fans of Herbies in our there?

What do you think?

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