Moghul takeaway – Sturton Street

The Moghul is one of my favoruite Indians in Cambridge

I had an absolutely marvellous meal from Moghul tonight. I hadn’t realised this place even existed in Cambridge until recently. Though in my defence, it’s very easily missed. Tucked away in Sturton Street just off The Grafton Centre.

It really is one of those places you wouldn’t ever walk past unless you lived close by. We went a bit crazy and had the works. Even though my waistline won’t be thanking me, it did give us a real opportunity to see what the chaps at Moghul could do.

Naturally I had my usual favourites like the chicken tikka masala, chicken tikka vindaloo, saag aloo, mushroom rice, and peshwari naan. But we also tried a few different dishes like the chili garlic paneer, cheese and chutney puffs, mixed grill, and chicken tikka manchurian.

In all honestly, there wasn’t a single thing I could fault. My stand out favourites were the saag aloo, which they managed to absolutely nail. It was light, fluffy, and the texture was as good as the flavour.

The lamb chop was also excellent. I often find that getting lamb right is the sure sign of a good restaurant. Not only did the lamb chop pass this test but the lamb in the Lamb Garlic Chili was excellent too.

This is a restaurant which does good lamb.

From what I could tell, everything was done from scratch. There was no radioactive glow from food colourings which you often see at other places. This is always a good sign. 👍

The cheese chutney puffs were an excellent addition. Having something sweet really broke up the meal. I’ve not seen these served in many places, so if you do get a chance to try them then I would certainly recommend it. They are quite light too, making them an excellent choice for a dessert.

For the sake of balance (and I’m probably being unfair, if I’m honest) the mushroom rice was a little bland. Nothing offended me about it but it lacked a certain depth which some other restaurants do.

That said, when it’s smothered in delicious dishes like this it soon becomes clear that it doesn’t really matter. 🤷‍♂️

The next time you are thinking of ordering a take away in Cambridge, make sure to try the guys at The Moghul.

You won’t regret it.

Phone: 01223 350917


Address: 182 Sturton Street, CB1 2QF

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