Rajbellash – Hills Road

Rajbellas is one of the oldest Indians in Cambridgeshire

I managed to get back to one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Cambridge tonight, the Rajbelash.

Despite being around since the 70’s, the Rajbelash has only recently been reopened since the closure of the Saffron Bassarie. I’ve always enjoyed coming to the Rajbelash. I managed to pop by when it first reopened about a year ago and always liked the huge amount of space it has and it’s central location. This place screams potential and served me pretty well back then. I’m please to say that today was even better than before.

We were warmly greeted by the staff who showed us to our table. We were offered a menu with a decent selection of food including a selection of specials. I noticed prices were about average/heading towards mid ranged, though Mongoose beer was a staggering £5.50! I was very pleased to see Cobra and Kingfisher on tap which was excellent and more reasonably priced at £4.50.

We ordered some papadums while we waited for our order. We were given a good selection of sides which were all generously sized. The lime pickle and mango chutney was particularly nice. Our food came out in good time and was presented well.

My dad’s lamb biriyani came out presented in the shape of a face which amused us both. It’s little things like that which make a difference. He said it was very good.

My lamb tikka vindaloo was superb! The lamb came out in large tender chunks and you could see that’s it had been tikka’d properly when you cut into it and you could see the stains around the rim. The flavour was excellent and the curry had a real kick to it. Something rarely seen in many places now days.

The mushroom rice was well prepared and the saag aloo was spot on. Everything was done well with no complaints all round.

We were even graced with a hot wet wipe and some chocolates after a meal. Granted, it wasn’t a proper hot towel but this is something which is getting less and less common everywhere these days, so it was appreciated. If you consider how prices have managed to stay rather similar for so long in Indian restaurant I’d consider it a fair compromise.

The only thing we could really think of which needed improvement was there interior decorating. The place is huge which means investing in such things must cost a fortune but the place felt quite bare. If this issue was addressed then this could easily be one of the top places in Cambridgeshire.

I look forward to heading back in the future. I just wish it wasn’t so far away from where I live!

Has anyone else been? What are your thoughts?

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