Royal Spice 3 – Mitcham’s Corner

Royal Spice is one of the top takeaways in Cambridge. Located on Mitchams Corner, it has been servicing the city well for years

Thank God Royal Spice is back!

I had the pleasure of an absolutely blinding lamb vindaloo this evening. It’s rare that one is hot enough to challenge me, so I was glad to feel the burn with this!

It’s exactly how vindaloo’s should be!

We had chicken tikka masala too, which went down a treat with Megan. Very creamy and the chicken quality was very good. The rice was bursting with flavour, though it had a thick earthy taste to it which I have not experienced with rice often. It tastes great though got very heavy towards the end.

This is certainly something which would be great as a rice dish on its own but mixed with a curry made it incredibly filling.

The saag aloo was excellent. A fine side edition to the rest of the meal. I was also a particular fan of the lime pickle which doesn’t often travel well. The mango chutney was the bright orange type which I’m sure we are all familiar with. I’m not a huge fan of it myself but served a purpose.

The mixed kebab dish was really good. It’s a great way of sampling the quality of the meat from a restaurant without it hiding behind the sauce of a curry. They all passed the test.

On arrival of pick up the very friendly staff told me that the mince of the ground kebab was ground fresh on order. It’s always good to know that a lot of the food at a restaurant is made this way.

If you fancy a cheeky takeaway this weekend then make sure to check out a Royal Spice in Cambridge and let us lot in the Cambridge Curry Community know what you think. 👍

Their new refurbishment is looking great too!

Phone: 01223 304455


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