Le Spice – Ely

Le Spice does some of the best lamb in Ely

A big thank you to Amin and the gang at Le Spice in Ely tonight.

We got the full 1-1 attentive and friendly customer service from start to finish. I always come here for the lamb, as it’s always incredibly succulent and juicy.

If you are a lamb lover then Le Spice is IT. Nuff said!

The mushroom rice was excellent and the sag aloo was spot on, as usual.

Service was fast and they had one of my favourite beers on tap (Kingfisher). I always love the bar at Le Spice, not only because it has one of my favourite beers on tap but it is visually stunning and adds a nice melodic atmosphere to the rest of the restaurant. Le Spice has a very modern layout and is incredibly well put together. I always enjoy sitting in the restaurant as its so aesthetically pleasing.

The papadum side sauces were decent too. The lime pickle was especially a high quality and though the portions were small, once it run out they were quick to replace it at no extra charge. I was also very fond of the yogurt which stood out as a very flavorful and thick sauce.

The only mild gripe was the vindaloo which was requested “extra hot” but came out milder than a regular vindaloo. That said, it didn’t even come close to spoiling the evening as the meal was delicious and the atmosphere was incredible warm and welcoming.

I also want to thank them for taking appropriate lockdown measures seriously. We were given hand sanitiser on arrival, disposable menus, and the staff were well protected.

Massive credit to the team for wearing plastic mask screens in this weather! I’ve heard a lot of love for Le Spice in this group over the years.

What do people think of the restaurant?

If you are a big fan or interested in trying it out then get booking as they are open NOW!

Website: http://www.ely-lespice.co.uk/


Phone : 01353 664299 — at LE SPICE

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