Simon’s crap supermarket scotch egg league table.

Ranking the best supermarket scotch eggs

We have never taken ourselves too seriously at the Cambridge Foodies. I am a big scotch egg fan and often eat them for lunch while I am at work or out during the day. I know you can get fantastic scotch eggs out there from numerous places across Cambridgeshire but more often than not when people like myself are out in the field they have to resort to a choice of convenient supermarkets and do not have the luxury of travelling to a butcher or farmers market.

This league table will show you other scotch egg fanboys out there which scotch egg (in my opinion) offers the best scotch egg experience.

Spermarket Scotch Egg League Table (update daily).

1st – Morrisons Deli Counter (chorizo sausage & regular)

2nd – Waitrose Deli Counter.

3rd – Morrisons

4th – Aldi

5th – Tesco (loses to Aldi on cost only).

Please let me know if you dispute these results or have some constructive input!

Thanks for reading.

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