Simon’s crap supermarket scotch egg league table.

Ranking the best supermarket scotch eggs

We have never taken ourselves too seriously at the Cambridge Foodies. I am a big scotch egg fan and often eat them for lunch while I am at work or out during the day. I know you can get fantastic scotch eggs out there at farmer markets and specialist food outlets but more often than not, when people like myself are out in the field, we have to resort to supermarkets and do not have the luxury of travelling.

Spermarket Scotch Egg League Table (update daily).

1st – Co-op’s own scotch egg.

Co-op’s standard scotch egg was a stand out winner for me upon trying it. Unlike other supermarket scotch eggs, this scotch egg tastes fresh, which is a hard thing to pull off when it’s been packaged. It was juicy and succulent from start to finish. The sausage meat felt almost lighter than some other brands, suggesting that perhaps it was lower in fat or at least a higher standard of meat.

2nd – Morrisons Deli Counter (chorizo sausage & regular)

Great flavour and an exciting chorizo twist. Decent size but very dry.

3rd – Waitrose Deli Counter.

Very similar to Aldi, Tesco, and Morrisons standard scotch egg but had a fresher texture and deeper flavour. I get the feeling that better ingredients were used but the same process was used.

4th – Morrisons

A fairly standard all round scotch egg which felt like great value for money. Sometimes hard to find and are not always available in store.


5th – Aldi

Great value, as you would expect from Aldi. Nothing wrong with it, which is the best you can hope for with cheaper brands. Nothing exciting or stand out about the experience. A little flat and anemic but enjoyable nonetheless. May not be a good entry into scotch eggs but will serve a big fan of them in their day to day lunches. The sausage layer is slightly thicker than Tesco.

6th – Tesco (loses to Aldi on cost only).

Not much else to say. A rather generic scotch egg, just slightly more expensive than Aldi. I am more than happy to eat these but it won’t stand out for any reason.

7th – Sainsbury’s

Crap. I expect better from Sainsbury’s.


Please let me know if you dispute these results or have some constructive input! I understand people are very protective over their scotch eggs šŸ˜‚

Thanks for reading.

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