Pizza Express – Regent Street

May 2021 So i thought I would get the ball rolling. Tonight we visited Pizza express, Regent street. Far from my first choice of places to eat but for us it served a purpose after an afternoon of shopping with two young children.
We hadn’t booked, but they were able to accommodate us. Before seating they asked us to track and trace via the NHS app. Our server wasn’t that friendly and seemed out of touch. I can only assume after some time off he may be a little rusty.
We ordered kids meals and two pizzas, one gluten free Margarita and one Hot honey classic with some halloumi bites on the side. Service was easy but a little wooden, our pizzas came really quickly. The Hot honey was the highlight for me although not as spicy as advertised, The honey was a new experience for me on a pizza which I quite enjoyed. (Im a pineapple on a pizza fan).
Everything else was as you expect from a chain, nothing stood out or really let the place down. I would go again, but only as a quick meal when We’re to tired to cook.

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