Brewboard spotted at The Orator

During a night out with the family recently, I came across a new(ish) bar in Cambridge called The Orator.

Located on Round Church Street in the historic Cambridge Student Union Society, The Orator offers a sleek and classy drinking experience with a top quality selection of craft beer, cocktails, and spirits to go with it.

Two beers on tap which caught my eye were in fact craft beers from locally produced Brewboard located in Harston. One called Beasticus and the other Botanika. Unfortunately, Botanika had run out which left me with Beasticus, a sessionable NEIPA at 4.9%.

This wonderfully hazy IPA quite frankly blew me away. Floral, herbal, and citrusy, this would be perfect for summer drinking. This is exactly the kind of beer I was looking for!

The beer had a real tang which slapped me across the mouth with every slip. I couldn’t stop drinking it, which made me appreciate it being only 4.9% even more. Otherwise I would have been completely floored!

I always like to support local breweries so make sure you check them out.

Much to my pain, Beasticus is currently out of stock but they have assured me on the website that it is coming soon!

What a find!

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