Orator – Round Church Street

The Orators is home to one of the best craft beers I have ever had. Beasticus
After a lovely meal at Cote for my mums birthday we decided to swing by a bar which has not long opened called The Orator. Apparently, this had opened during the pandemic and has not had much of a chance to get a name for itself – so we were eager to see what it was all about!

The Orator proudly boasts its connection with the Cambridge Union Society and offers a sophisticated and more formal experience, offering a restaurant as well as a bar. We were only interested in the bar at this point so you will have to wait for the restaurant review in the future!

First of all, the bar is stunning. The entire room is tastefully decorated and offers a superb selection of cocktails and drinks. I was very excited to try some of the craft beers they had on tap by local Harston Brewer Brewboard. I always make a point of trying to support local breweries, so this was a perfect opportunity.

The two beers were NEIPA’s called Beasticus and Botanika. Unfortunately, the Botanika had run out so I ordered myself a pint of the Beasticus. It was good to see a sessionable craft beer served at under 5%, meaning I could sit back, relax, and enjoy it without having to worry too much about the percentage knocking me to the floor.

The beer was cloudy and looked unfiltered. Frankly, it was one of the nicest beers I have ever had! There was a real satisfying tang to it which smacked me across the mouth. I have not had a drink make such an impression on me in a long time.
Tasting notes were flora, herbal, and citrus. I have not been able to stop thinking about this drink since and have been searching the internet high and low for a place which has it in stock! I highly recommend and bravo to the team at The Orator for finding this beauty!

My mum had a Pornstar Martini which she highly rated. She also had a strawberry based cocktail which I failed to identify at the time but both were highly commended by her.

The mystery cocktail

They have an excellent selection of spirits available, as you would expect from a cocktail bar. I noticed they had one of my favourite whiskies available, Dalmore. They also had a huge selection of over 20 gins too, as well as Camden Hells lager and bottled beer such as Birra Mortti and Asahi Dry.

There is something for everyone here but most of all I will know it as the home of Beasticus on tap!

The Orator has really won me over. Maybe its my age showing but we need more classy joints in the city. I wonder if the attention they pay to selecting craft beers and mixing cocktails is made to their food too, then we may have a top restaurant as well? It may be a while until I get to find out, so I look forward to hearing what you lot on the Cambridge Foodies think when you inevitably beat me to it!

Thanks for reading!

Website: https://www.theoratorcambridge.co.uk/

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