The Free Press – Cambridge

Cambridge Foodies moderator Krathika visits one of her favourite pubs, The Free Press.

“About time I reviewed my favourite pub in Cambridge – The Free Press. I guess we all have different reasons why a pub isn’t just a pub and makes it to ‘favourite’ status, and my reasons have got nothing to do with the quality of their beer (spoiler alert: I do not like beer…).

I love going to the Free Press for their food, more specifically, their halloumi burger (ask them to grill your halloumi, the fried stuff is a bit much). As a vegetarian (mostly…) I usually struggle to find good options at most pubs. Over the past years, I’ve visited The Free Press multiple times, and have always had multiple veggie options to pick from. The staff are always lovely and cheerful, service is quick, and the occasional desserts are always the cherry on top for any meal.

Last week, I tried their butternut squash lasagne, and it did not disappoint – perfectly cooked, very flavourful, and served with a salad that complimented the pasta well. Would recommend, 10/10 (I am very biased…).”

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