The Granta – The Mill Pond.

Oh memories!

Long ago were the days when I would visit the beautiful Mill Pond as a teenager and laze around with friends.

It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cambridge, and with Cambridge having such a vast array of stunning scenic locations, that’s a bold statement.

On a hot Saturday afternoon there was no other place in Cambridge which quite jumped out in my mind like The Granta. Not just for the nostalgia but for its reputation as a stunning river side location.

The selection on tap was excellent. The picture above was just one of three different taps, each with different choices. You can tell that they see themselves as a real riverside “sunny day” kinda place as one was Pimm’s. Estrella also being a huge hint too. There were also a couple of great IPA’s on tap which had a focus on the zesty and fruity side, giving even more credence to that pub with a summer vibe.

There is a lovely seating area which is perfect for dining outside in the sun. It’s a large pub which can host well over 100 people if needed.

My favourite place however is the balcony where you can sit and watch the punters outside make a boob of themselves. You get a glorious view of the Mill Pond and can see the old mill across the river.

We decided to order a bottle of white wine from their wine menu. Their French chardonnay was a light and inoffensive wine which did not really stand out. I can see this working well with something like sushi but was not a wine I can see complimenting much on their rather traditional menu.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience. The Granta is one of those examples where the location of the pub can really make a huge difference. I can see this being a place which offers great beer and a fairly good experience during the winter but in the summer is when it really pops!

I look forward to visiting the Grants again in the future. I hope next time I don’t leave it for so long.

Thanks for reading

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