The Cambridge Cheese Company – All Saints Passage

The Cambridge Cheese Company is a slice of heaven tucked away down a small alleyway just off from the hustle and bustle of the Cambridge centre.

The Cambridge Cheese Company sells a variety of artisanal items, such as cheeses, olives, vinegars, chilli sauces, tinned fish, olive oils, and meats…though mostly cheese.

The shop is beautifully presented and gives a wide array of choices considering its size.

Everything is so vibrant and has a timeless yet traditional interior. It’s like nothing has changed since it opened in 1994 but they are still modernising in other ways with their business practices, by sourcing ethically, reusing packaging, and using zero carbon local deliveries.

Their fresh olive counter

The staff here are fantastic. So friendly and chatty. They were more than willing to share their advice and discuss the ins and outs of all their cheeses. The atmosphere is incredibly positive.

A sight to behold!

As you would expect, the cheese selection is superb. They have nearly 200 constantly rotating seasonal cheeses, mainly thanks to their monthly trips to Rungis market in France.

Looking through the cured meats I noticed a georgous scotch egg. I’m a sucker for scotch eggs and it’s so hard to find quality ones on a daily basis, so I was delighted to see two different free range scotch eggs available: One traditional and one jalapeno.

Delicious, and not too runny!

It was great to see dates available. They were little on the expensive side (even for high end dates) at £4.25 for 100g. Speaking with the staff this comes to around 4 dates 🫣

We grabbed a couple of cheeses to take home and treat ourselves to a cheese board. We felt bad not exploring the wide selection of French cheese available and went for our usual favourites, Gloucestershire and Stilton.

Top: Stilton. Bottom: Gloucestershire.

I absolutely love the Cambridge Cheese Company. Visiting here makes me realise how desperately we need something like this in my local area.

There is no doubt that this place is expensive but you are getting quality and with nearly 200 cheeses available there is no doubt there are cheeses available which you can only buy from here.

Thanks for reading.

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