Floods Tavern – St Ives.

I’ve been a fan of Floods for years and I know it has a real cult following in the town. It’s a very straight forward old English pub with a marvelous beer garden which goes into the back of the river.

This may not be very important most of the year, with the British weather being very lackluster at the best of times but when you are having scorching hot summers like this year then there is no better place to be.

They’ve taken full advantage of their riverside views by installing an outdoor bar to save us all the pain of having to go back and forward to the bar inside.

Courtesy of Floods Facebook page.

The place was heaving during my most recent visit but they’ve done a great job installing enough seating for everyone. Come to think of it, I’ve never been stuck for a seat during any of my visits, so you can roll in confidently without having to stress about grabbing a table.

The beer selection here is pretty average but there were a few notable exceptions. I noticed The Shed Head which is an American Pale Ale which did not offend. This was slightly darker than other pale ales but was very welcome sitting by the river on a hot day.

Floods doesn’t have much to offer on the inside of the building and with their rather generic selection of beers I would struggle to get excited throughout the winter but on a day like this it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I could really see his being a great place to organise small events such as birthday parties.

My personal recommendation is to pop by J.Wadsworth and grab a cigar to enjoy by the river.

There is no doubt I’ll be back in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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