The Petersfield – Sturton Street

Meeting up with an old friend for drinks in Cambridge recently, I stumbled across The Petersfield on Sturton Street. I’ve been up and down Kingston Street more times than I can count but I had never noticed this place tucked away in the corner.

It’s a very striking pub with beautiful flowers hanging from the walls. It almost feels like you’ve discovered a hidden secret going through the passage way, so I had a feeling I was in for a treat.

Entering the pub you immediately notice the quirky charms all over. The Petersfield screams Cambridge with wine bottles on the ceiling and charming art/bunting in the beer garden.

The pub looks small from the outside but it has much more to it as you walk in. The bar goes along the back of the pub with lots of seating available for dining in.

I was not blown away by the beer selection here but there were a few I could sink quite happily. I noticed two beers from The Cambridge Brew House and one from Beavertown (the same Beavertown which is also sponsoring the new Six Six Bar on East Road.).

The garden was filled with people chatting away. I could really see myself spending an entire afternoon here with a few friends. It has a very relaxed vibe where time seems to stand still. It gives the feeling of being a sleepy village pub while still being in the middle of the city.

There is a slight feeling of magic with The Petersfield. Maybe it was the fact I had accidentally stumbled across it through a sleepy alleyway or maybe it was the charming quirks throughout the establishment but whatever it was the place had a unique feeling not offered anywhere else in the city. I would really like to come back again and get lost for an afternoon in their beer garden and forget time exists.

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