The Six Six Bar – Cambridge

Those of you over the age of 30 may remember a once iconic music venue on East Road called The Boat Race. Home to huge bands before they made it big such as Oasis, Snow Patrol, and one of my personal favourites Queen Adreena.

The Boat Race was another casualty of the ever declining Cambridge music scene and closed down many years ago, being replaced by another generic trendy bar destined for tourists and the affluent.

Locals prayers have been answered however with the opening of The Six Six Bar, which promises to honour the legacy of the Boat Race. Offering live music with a rock/metal vibe which is sparsely offered anywhere else in the city.

Going in, I am immediately reminded of the good ol’days of moshing out in the venue. The place is still very small but they’ve done great things with the space. You can see from the photo above that the tables are easily removed to create much more floor space for live events. The place has had much love put into the interior decorating with a more polished look when compared to The Boat Race.

You’ll notice a theme throughout the bar with Beavertown Brewery plastered everywhere. Apparently there are the sponsor of the bar, which explains the beer selection too. This is certainly a step up from the rather dubious lager selection available when it was The Boat Race.

There are a few cool things plastered across the bar, including a photo booth.

There is a nice little smoking area outside. It’s not very big but more than enough to fit 20 people in during a busy night.

I’m really happy with what they’ve done with the venue. It’s great to see another place pop up in the rather bleak Cambridge music scene. It’s sorely needed and I look forward to seeing what future bands make it big after opening at The Six Six Bar.

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