The White Horse – Swavesy

It’s been a long time since I have been to the White Horse in Swavesy.

I used to come here over a decade ago on my lunch break when I used to do training courses. My memories are filled with disappointment as I used to pop in for 30-45 minutes during my lunch break and order a sandwich. Frustratingly, they were never able to make one by the time I had to leave, so I essentially paid money for nothing.

This happened to me twice before I decided to give up on the pub entirely. That was a long time ago now and I’m sure a lot has changed since then, so I was willing to give the pub another chance and put the past behind me.

Upon entering I noticed a selection of fairly average beers but was pleased to see Neck Oil available. A pint of this came to just over £5. For a sessionable IPA of this standard that was pretty good going.

The pub is still as historic and beautiful as I remembered. There is a lot of character here and it’s always a nice place to experience. It’s a shame that the stunning fire place is no longer being used as it has so much potential. It’s also tucked away behind a pew so you can’t see it properly.

There is a good sized beer garden which is equipped with some children’s toys. Until visiting today that I had no idea this was here but is a very welcome addition to the pub as it gives the kids some space to play.

The pub not only has darts and a pool table but also a pinball machine, so it is well equipped for all sorts of entertainment. There is something for everyone here.

The White Horse ticks all the boxes for a village pub. It’s got history and charm, a good selection of entertainment, and a sizeable beer garden. It clearly serves the village well. If they could get some more exciting beers on tap then this could be a real special place.

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