The quest for biryani!

The Cambridge Curry Community member Lee Heryet has been on a holy quest to find what he considers the best biryani in Cambridge.

It’s a tough job with so many great places in the city but after a lot of searching he’s finally been able to list his top three.

“I have been on a bit of a mission trying to find the best Biryani in Cambridge.

My top 3 so far;

3rd –

Sparkles Sri-Lankan food van on Cherry Hinton Road. πŸ‡±πŸ‡°
This is a great little food van that sells authentic Sri-Lanken food. I had Lamb Biryani with a side of chicken and lamb curry. The Biryani had amazing flavour but the lamb was a bit chewy. Will try the chicken next time. I think it was Β£7.99

2nd –

Namaste Cambridge (Not Namase Village). This is a takeaway and delivery place tucked behind Chicken Cottage on Mill Road.
Amazing on the bone chicken Biryani. The chicken curry in had with it was also very tasty (also green in colour..) the Biryani was Β£7.50 for a huge portion it was very good value.

1st place – The Brook Pub, Mill Road.

I love their authentic curry’s anyway but their Biryani blew me away! They only do it in a Saturday. It’s the best Biryani I’ve ever had. The on the bone chicken and spices infused into the rice to make it so tasty. It comes with some kind of Raita which complements the curry so well.
Β£12.99 with a free beer is exceptional value. My Mrs had a curry so I had a bit of her curry sauce as well. The landlord has really turned this pub around and is now a great place to go and have a beer so to have these amazing home made curry’s makes it even better!”

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