Tibet Flavour – Ely Market

My son and I have a little tradition where we will pop by Ely market every Saturday and have some breakfast at one of the food vans. Ely market is becoming a fantastic foodie hotspot for all sorts of diverse cuisine from all over the world and it seems to be only getting better and better.

The market already boasts South African/Portuguese, Mexican, gourmet scotch eggs, an Italian bakery, German bratwurst, Belgium style chips, and Indian food, but now has a Tibetan stall.

Tibet Flavour has a selection of different dishes to choose from. Ranging from Tibetan vegan momos (which are a small dumpling), spinach and chickpea curry with lentil dal, butternut squash and spinach curry, and lentil dal with rice.

Naturally, I went for everything, as I have no self control or moderation, but also because they had a promotional deal which offers a little bit of everything for £10. This was a great chance to try a bit of everything and see what stood out. I highly recommend you also try this if it’s your first visit.

The man running the stall was a delight and was infectiously smiling the entire time. Service was fast and the dish was very generous. He really loaded it on to a point where my hand started to ache holding it.

The dish was absolutely stunning and a visual feast for the eyes. The coriander especially really made this dish pop out. There was a healthy variety of yellow lentils, orange butternut squash, and red chillies which made the dish a rainbow of autumn themed colours. Just by looking at it, I felt like I was getting an exciting meal before even taking a bite.

The momo was excellent. This was filled with spinach, which seems to be a very popular theme throughout the dishes served. It came with a side of spicy chilli sauce which really brought the dish to life. It was actually very spicy too, which would be enough to satisfy us hot heads.

The lentil curry and rice was also very good. It went well with the butternut squash. I mixed in some chillies which gave it a nice kick. I was absolutely stuffed by the end and it resulted in me not needing lunch later on in the day.

I’m really excited to have Tibet Flavour here at the Ely market. It’s another example of how diverse the selection is getting. Each time I visit there seems to be something new here and it’s good to see more vegetarian options available.

Thanks for reading.

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