Spotted: Juice Rocket @ The Cutter Inn – Ely

I popped into the Cutter Inn today after a long hiatus. During my last visit, which must have been a couple of years ago now, I was disappointed that they had removed my favourite Czech beer (Pilsner Urquell). Imagine my delight however once I returned today to find Juice Rocket from local producers Three Blind Mice. This is a great zesty IPA which goes with any occasion and is another one of my favourites.

All is forgiven!

It is also worth noting that they had ale from local producer Milton Brewery (Pegasus and Sparta).

There was a selection of decent “low end” beers too, such as Madri, Staropramen, and Atlantic pale ale.

I will spare you the lecture on how Staropramen is now made my Carlsberg and licenced by Coors (or the other way around, who even cares at this point) making Staropramen and Prava and unworthy substitute for Pilsner Urquell.

Either way, The Cutter Inn has just got good again! It looks like another summer chilling by the river this summer pounding Juice Rocket.

16-18th April!

I noticed that The Cutters Inn is also having their first ever beer festival with mention of Milton Brewery and Three Blind Mice. Expect appearances from some of their other beers which weren’t available today.


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