The Tack Room, Newmarket

I went out for an amazing meal last year with a Chef friend of mine and as we left he said something which hit me hard. “It’s all about how you feel when you walk out”. It sounds obvious but I hadn’t thought about it like that before. 

Up until that point, I used to judge a restaurant by it’s food alone and to some extent I still do. However there is something to be said for the overall experience. What happened last night was hands down one of my favourite foodie experiences ever.

The Tack Room; which is inside the Horse Racing Museum on Palace Street in Newmarket has been my favourite breakfast venue for a few years. They don’t open in the evenings, however I’d heard they have been hosting themed nights in partnership with Corney and Barrow; a classy wine shop – synonymous with Newmarket. I’d missed the first two nights and was determined to get a table for their South American night – which was last night. 

I hadn’t seen the menu but had been thinking about the night all week. When I arrived, I had no idea what to expect. This definitely added to the overall enjoyment. 

So Alex; my godson and I had a pint in town and rocked up at the tack room at 7pm. Just as the evening was starting. We were shown to our table, our first glass of wine landed and we started catching up on life. We heard a voice in the background welcoming everyone and introducing us to the evening and what we were about to experience. Ben from Corney and Barrow captured our imagination straight away – telling us about the wines and what makes them special and explaining we were going to have a six courses meal; Each course matched with a wine from a special wine producer from Chille. He then proceeded to introduce the son and daughter of Maturana. A passionate, artisan “purist” wine producer. They really educated us on wine in general and where their niche Is in the industry is. OK this is getting interesting. I’m drinking my first glass of orange wine ever – and loving it. 

No sooner had I realised how much fun I was having our first course arrived. A bowl of something creamy with a black tuile on top. I dug in and was taken to heaven. It was my favourite; scallops – so moorish, so so moorish.. No sooner had I stopped grunting with pleasure when our second glass of wine arrived and Sebastian, the producer jumped up to tell us all about it. His passion was infectious. I was totally engrossed in what he was saying and then like clockwork the second course arrived. And so it went on. By the third course, the owner and the waitresses had all stopped to talk to us about the meal and some random guy kept filling our glasses up. Working the crowd at its very best. Every course was delicious and more importantly showed an aspect of South American cookery, I hadn’t anticipated. And to add to the theater, the chefs came out of the kitchen and talked to each table. Which is something you don’t see very often and I personally love.  At this point, people from other tables starting mingling with each other. I’m convinced it was the wine. For a couple of hours I’d left my normal life and was just having a great time. 

After the fifth course, my godson and I 🙂 (I’m far from posh so writing this sentence makes me giggle) found ourselves in some kind of champagne supernova and went outside for a cigarette. We took a walk around the gardens and took pissed up photos with the horses (not sure this is allowed) 

We returned for the desert – OMG. Enough said. 

Swapped instagrams with the wine producers and got an invite to Chille which I pray we can do one day. 

When I walked out; I felt a million dollars. When I woke up this morning I felt two dollars and ten cents. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Anticipation, 10/10, 

Food, 10/10 

Staff and service 10/10, 

Learn something new 10/10

Overall experience. 12/10

In the word of my good friend and favourite chef: “ That was some gourmet shit!! 


  • I’d had twelve glasses of wine. A new record. I hugged at least 6 people as we left. 
  • I was with Alex my godson. We could share a Gingsters pie and have a great night. But I don’t think that’s was what happened last night.

One thought on “The Tack Room, Newmarket

  1. Thanks very much for joining us and for such a kind write up. Sebastian and Javiera Maturana have both shared how much they enjoyed the evening, the food and the company. To quote Sebastian when I sent him a link to your blog: “when you read something like this it means we are doing right”.

    There were some interesting pairings on paper but across the board I thought they worked incredibly well in the flesh. I hope they both come back to visit us soon but in the meantime we have a good range of their wines in our Newmarket shop.

    Next up for the Tack Room is “The Galician Winery” evening with Maria from Adegas Galegas at the end of April and we’ll hopefully see you there.



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