Am thực côn trùng – Huntindon

Cambridge Foodie, John Tompkins visits the new insect restaurant in Huntingdon!

Paid a visit to the new Vietnamese Insect restaurant in Huntingdon last night, it is appropriately called “ẩm thực côn trùng” which literally means “Insect cuisine”

For starters, I quite fancied the Cicada soup, but in the end I decided on the; Moth, mealworm and locust platter. Quite an interesting taste, but I thought the presentation was rather bland. The moth did make me cough a bit, probably from the fine dust coming off of its wings?

Next I went for the mixed insect sushi squares. These were delicious; the cockroach was nice and crunchy and gave it a palatable feel with the soft texture of the rice. I wasn’t too keen on the dried caterpillar one though, it was rather chewy.

For the main dish I decided on the “Giant Amarillo Devil Centipede” This was beautifully presented and had a super tangy taste, only problem was deciding which end to start from? This was accompanied by a nice sprig of Spicy Scorpion kebabs, it makes your mouth water just looking at it doesn’t it?

Finally for the sweet it had to be the “Chocolate Pupae cupcakes” Well what can I say, absolutely delicious!

I would definitely recommend a visit to ẩm thực côn trùng. The staff were great and the food wasserved very promptly. Funny enough the head waiters name was “Kris Liss! And the chef was appropriately named “Amos Keto“. So because of the fine service, I did leave a decent tip of An Tenna!

I believe most of the ingredients are nurtured in house, especially the cockroaches which apparently are abundant in little colonies on the kitchen floor. You have to go with an open mind and be willing to try these new exotic cuisines; you will be surprised how enjoyable it is eating insects. They are full of protein and would be a great alternative to meat should it catch on here. I think the owner is onto a winner with this one, good luck in your new venture Mr Kree P Crawley.

Signed: April Fool!

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