Spring Chinese restaurant – Mill Road

My friend and I were looking for somewhere a bit different, so decided to pop down Mill Road and find something tucked away and off the radar. We were looking for a hidden gem and there is no better place to find these than Mill Road, which is absolutely littered with them. We stumbled across … Continue reading Spring Chinese restaurant – Mill Road

Peking Restaurant – Homerton Street

Another day, another restaurant. My friend and I were in the mood for Chinese food so decided to pop into Peking Restaurant. This is tucked away down Homerton Street so can be easily missed when driving past. This must be a restaurant for the students in the area, as without a blue badge you won't … Continue reading Peking Restaurant – Homerton Street

Hakka – Million Road

Hakka is a place of contrast. I remember walking past here for years thinking that it was an old run down restaurant which had closed a long time ago. Granted, it was run down but miraculously it was still open, operational, and apparently serving some of the best Chinese food in the city! Walking in, … Continue reading Hakka – Million Road

Eds beard review of Panahar – (2010)

Originally Posted: 10/05/2010With the urge for curry in my stomach and a yearning that made me completely ignore the bloated old guy that came to his door while me and Nemo were talking and waiting for Sy we descended on the Panahar restaurant.It being a Sunday the restaurant was empty aside from us 4 which … Continue reading Eds beard review of Panahar – (2010)