Ed’s Easy Diner – Grand Arcade

Ed's Easy Diner is a fantastic place to grab burgers for the family while shopping in Cambridge

We decided to ignore all your suggestions for a burger on the Cambridge Foodies poll and go to Ed’s Easy Diner in the Grand Arcade (🤣 That’s how it goes with children!).

I’ve been here many times before over the years and it’s not changed a bit. It’s a place which gives you exactly what you expect from a good value and high quality American diner, which is ideal for a lunch with the children.

They have a children’s menu which offers a meal for £6.99 each.

The burgers aren’t going to keep up with the quality of Steak & Honour or Honest Burger but it fits well into the gap between McDonald and the other top burger joints, which is why it’s great for families.

I couldn’t recommend it for foodies on their own looking for a top burger joint but I think they are very much targeting the family market here and do a fine job of it.

The chips were fantastic and easily the stand out thing about our meal.

The service is great too. The staff are energetic and engaging even with masks on. I don’t know how they do it all day!

You get unlimited refills here, which is a nice touch and they were very quick to top up our drinks. The food is cooked in front of you on the grill behind the bar which is always reassuring but also means that the food came out very quickly (even though it was packed).

Another good reason why it’s good for children and families. The interior decorating is a mix between atmospheric and dingy…I can’t quite make up my mind as you which. As you can see from some of the photos the neon lighting is very dim, so I guess it’s down to what you like.

They do a selection of milkshakes which I did not try but having had them before I can say they are very good. For 3 kids and 3 adults, it came to around £60 which isn’t too bad. Eds Easy Diner executes that mid range family market perfectly when you are feeling like something better than Burger King but don’t want to pay our for gourmet food.

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