Kaz’s – Sawston

One of the best curry not only in Sawston but in Cambridgeshire

A fantastic meal at Kaz’s in Sawston tonight.

It always pains me that I live so far away from Sawston, as I always get an excellent meal at Kaz’s. I don’t think I’ve ever been let down by the quality here.

Located in an old historic house on the main high street, Kaz’s doesn’t exactly dazzle from the outside…and it doesn’t exactly dazzle on the inside either, but it’s the atmosphere and food which brings this place to life!

Being an old building you get a very crammed claustrophobic feel once you are inside, having to duck under beams and through doorways. Some may find that charming but being 6’4 can prove frustrating. That all vanishes however, once you are sat down and can enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Kaz’s is a very old school Indian restaurant, with a very Brick Lane vibe to it.

Dim lighting, the sound of sizzling dishes whizzing past, and the accompanying smoke which comes with it. It’s the kind of Indian you remember growing up which offered the spicy slop in a bucket we all know and love.

The menu has an excellent selection with a vast choice of different dishes. Nobody will struggle to find what they want on here. The only thing which was lacking was the choice of beer on tap. It was Cobra Beer or bottles only.

We ordered papadums, which came with a selection of 5 different sides. This was great to see as there was everything you could possible want to accompany you with the nation’s favourite starter dishes. The only criticism I could really suggest was that the portions were quite small and didn’t really managed to keep up with the 5 of us at the table.

The lime pickle was excellent and was of a very high quality. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for the mango chutney. The onion bahjis were superb and easily the best I’ve had in a long time.

When we ordered our mains we ordered a chicken tikka paneer which was absolutely excellent. It’s something I don’t have very often and ever time I try it I regret not having it more.

I ordered a special Kaz dish called the Gosths Kushbo – a very hot lamb in a special Naga sauce. This was absolutely perfect. The heat, the flavour, the meat quality, everything was executed perfectly. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a bit of a hot head. The saag aloo side was excellent too. It really added an extra dimension to the curry.

Saag aloo is one of this dishes you can tell is done well just by looking at the photo. So I’ll let you decide what you think about it. I ordered a saag paneer which was also done well.

My partner ordered a lamb tikka masala but was unfortunately served a chicken tikka. An honest mistake which wasn’t life ending, though I hope they don’t make this mistake with vegetarian customers!

I was pleased to see hot towels and chocolates at the end of our meal, something which is slowly being faded out in other establishments!

Overall, we were all very happy with our meal. Everything was presented well and there were little room for complaints. In a world where every Indian is trying to reinvent itself to attract foodies, sometimes sticking with the ‘tried and true’ classic (but executed really well) can be just as stimulating and delicious.

Kaz’s is one of my favourite Indians. It doesn’t catch my attention on The Cambridge Curry Community as much as it should. It deserves significantly more respect than it gets and is well worth travelling from out of town. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves choice, value and an outright spicy curry!

One of the last of the old school curries!

Thanks for reading!

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