Tandoori Palace – Histon Road

Tandoori Palace is the gem of Histon Road. The last of the old school Indian restaurants

The Tandoori Palace is a great all rounder. A really decent text book Indian restaurant which serves up all the classic dishes you’d expect from a basic Indian – and does them well!

No gimmicks, no flash, no novelties. Just a good value experience with a great service to boot. A beer, mains, rice, side, pappadums and a chocolate/hot towel came to approximately £17 each.

Tandoori Palace is, for me, a real credit to Histon Road and is a decent addition to the competitive Castle Street area.

When people ask me what they think of Tandoori Palace I usually say “its one of the last old school Indian restaurants” like the ones you used to get in the 90’s and prior. It has not modernised with the times but that is no bad thing.

A relic from the past which reminds us that a solid customer service, doing something well at a competitive price, and keeping with the traditions of the past will always be popular.

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