Tatties – Cambridge

We went to the best cafe in Cambridge. Tatties is an independently run cafe for decades in Cambridge

Today I visited the Cambridge institution which is Tatties.

I’ve been coming here from the very beginning whether it be stopping here when I was very young with my mum, going on a first date, or visiting with my family to take a break from the frantic frenzy of Cambridge shopping.

I always love coming here. Located in the stunning local square of Sussex Street, it’s always a pleasure sitting out here in the summer and dining to the local buskers or watching the people walk by. The staff in here are always very busy but always manage to make time for a chat. The gentleman running it always points out that he remembers my face. Granted, the ugly ones always do stick in your mind but considering that I come here maybe once a year at the most, that’s impressive!

I absolutely loved the light and fluffy flat white coffee. It had a really deep bold depth to the sip. I’m no coffee expert but it was exactly how I like it.

The red velvet cake was amazing too. The baked cheese cake was a little dry for my liking but I respect the fact that it is baked so probably the way it is supposed to be.

The service was fantastic, especially from the lady who had just started working there recently. She was so attentive and polite. This is the kind of thing you expect from a local and independent restaurant and you get exactly that.

If you haven’t been to Tatties before then I would highly recommend you give them a try. They are a Cambridge institution which deserves at least one visit out of respect alone.

I have no doubt Tatties will always be a part of the Cambridge foodie scene.

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