Waffle & CO – Northstowe

My entire concept of food has been blown apart!

Chicken and waffles are something which I never thought should go together in a meal…Oh, how wrong was I?

I decided to get lunch from ‘Waffle + Co’ truck in Northstowe this afternoon to try something different on my day off. By the time I had arrived there was already a queue – which is already a reassuring sign of quality!

Tori and the team were absolutely lovely. Chatty, friendly, and kept you in that loop with what was happening with your food. You could really tell that they were passionate about what they did. They were more than happy to tell me about what makes their food so special, whether it be their butcher quality chicken or biodegradable containers they use to transport the food.

I decided to go for The Signature. Chicken and waffles coated in maple syrup and whipped chive butter. I must be honest, I really wasn’t sure whether this could work but the teams confidence in their food soon put any concerns to rest.

The dish was excellent.

I was surprised that not only was the chicken butcher quality but the portions were large too. Usually you’d either get one or the other. They were generous enough to leave anyone feeling satisfied.

My whole concept of food has been changed. This dish really works.

I tried some of the Korean BBQ chicken too. This, for me, was the real star of the show. The next time I’m here there is absolutely no doubt in my mind what I’ll be having. It was not just the incredible flavour but the texture. 🤤

This is the best dish to order if you do go and visit, in my opinion. 

My wife had The Sizzling Signature, which was a more burger style waffle. This came with gerkins, slaw, and mayo. Even she admitted that she was not sure that this would go with waffles but I think it’s safe to say we have both been converted.

Naturally, we couldn’t go to a waffle stand without having dessert either. So we decided to treat ourselves to the Chunky Monkey and Millionaires waffles. By this point we had such a large amount of food that we were struggling to eat. The portions are terrific…but somehow we managed to find room.

The Chunky Monkey especially won it for me. The bananas were a nice touch but the crumble on top really made it pop. It added a fantastic texture to the dish. I really thought the 99 Flakes and Malteasers worked well too.

I really want to thank to team for an excellent experience today. My concepts of food has been utterly smashed and it’s so refreshing to have something different. I know a lot of people are going to struggle to come out of their comfort zone with this but I can reassure you that you’ll be absolutely fine, as I had the very same gripes.

I’ll be back for sure!

Make sure to check out their website.

Website: https://www.waffleand.co.uk/#waffles#northstowe#dessert

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