Le Spice – Ely

The best lamb curry in Cambridge and Ely

The best lamb in town 😎

I had a spontaneous meal at Le Spice recently.

I always try and make it here once a year. It’s never let me down in the past and has such a pleasant atmosphere with a modern style. A lot of people always say “what about The Sylhet?” but to be honest, I love them both equally but for different reasons. I find that they can both coexist in the city of Ely without treading on each others toes.

The papadums came with some excellent sauces. The lime pickle and the yogurt are particularly superb. The Mango chutney is a little cheap and comes across as mass produced but it works well enough.

They also had my favourite beer on tap (kingfisher) which is a refreshing change as I rarely see it out these days.

The service here is always so friendly and the moment my drink was empty it was replaced within a heart beat. The staff were chatty and nothing was too much trouble.

We ordered a lamb tikka masala, lamb vindaloo (extra hot) and a saag aloo with mushroom rice. Everything came out well presented and in good time. The lamb vindaloo was quite mild but everything else was excellent. I would personally request ordering it extra hot to get a proper vindaloo heat.

The lamb is always excellent here. I don’t know where they get it from but it always pops straight out the dish. If you are a first time visit here then make sure you order the lamb. They have been doing it consistently well for years and I do not expect that to change any time soon.

My wife had her usual chicken tikka masala. The presentation was on point and she said it tasted really good. No complaints on her end!

I really love the quality of the lamb in Le Spice. Every time I come I’m impressed with the portion size, tenderness, and taste. It’s so easy to scrimp on meat quality when it’s doused in spicy sauce but Le Spices lamb always stands out to me.

Make sure you check it out!

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