Zzohanna – St Ives

Zzohanna is my favourite indian in st ives

I finally ticked the last box in St Ives!

I must say, I’ve enjoyed every Indian in St Ives over the years but Zzohanna was easily my favourite. The service was friendly, fast, and attentive. Everything we’ve come to expect from an Indian was provided here. Hot towels, chocolates, Indian beer (Kingfisher). The selection on the menu was decent with a mixture of traditional Indian cuisine and the usual spicy slop in a bucket we all know and love.

The beer was £4.20, which is more than I’d like to pay of course, but is the sad reality of modern beer prices.

The papadums were excellent. The side sauces were quite small portions but were all great quality, especially the lime pickle. Quality over quantity was a pattern I was quick to notice throughout the night at Zzohanna’s.

The chicken tikka vindaloo tasted superb. It was even pretty hot. The mushroom rice was also excellent. There was nothing to complain about all round.

My sister said that the lamb in her biriyani was falling to pieces. My wife’s king prawn Rogan Josh tasted great too. There weren’t any complaints about the taste of the food from anyone, which is a rarity with my gang. Everything was done to an excellent standard. That said, we felt like our portions were on the small side.

Don’t get me wrong, you wont be left feeling hungry but you certainly knew you were getting more at other places. Going back to my original point, this is a place which focuses on quality over quantity.

I must say, Zzohanna is probably my favourite Indian in St Ives at the moment.

Great work!

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