The Blue Moon – Norfolk Street

the blue moon is one of my favourite places in Cambridge for craft beer

Boy, its been a long time since I was last here!

Back in the days this was known as The Man On The Moon and was a popular gig venue well known for its trashy feel and under age drinking. That was a long time ago now and the pub has now reinvented itself as The Blue Moon. Still popular for gigs and events but now a lot more polished with a wide selection of spirits and craft beers.

Look at that mountain of gin!
I say polished, but the place is frankly unrecognisable. Going from taps of Stella and Fosters to literally everything you could think of, from craft IPA’s to stouts and Pilsners. There was a huge shelf full of different spirits too, with one side dedicated to gins alone. The staff here were simply fantastic and very chatty, being more than willing to help with any questions you had about their wide selection.
After a few samples I decided to go for a pint of Duration by Sweeping Coast. It was a toss up between that and the Groll pilsner but since Sweeping Coast was a Norfolk based craft beer, I had to support the local being just down the road. This was one of my first ever craft beers on tap and it was absolutely fantastic. Having such a high quality beer on draft really brings it to life.
I went round to the other side to see what else they had. I noticed the other side of the spirit selection had a great choice of bourbon and whisky. There were more craft beer on draft too, which bought the total up to 20 (and not a Stella or Fosters in sight!).

The events room is worlds apart from what I remember and has been tastefully decorated. It was full of quirky and pleasant decorations which really brought the place to life and gave it a real character. I saw that they had a comedy night on coming soon which really interested me. This, with their amazing selection of craft beer could be a real winner of an evening.

Unfortunately, I was just passing through, so only had chance for one so had to be on my way. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting The Blue Moon however, it was a real walk down memory lane. It was great to see the old dive completely reinvented into something with such an incredible selection of craft beer and pleasant surroudnings, I am going to want to keep coming back.

Make sure to check out their website and give them a visit! If you love craft beer, gin (or spirits in general) and a place with a warm friendly atmosphere, you wont be disappointed.

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