White Label Detroit Pizza

Incredible pizza delivered by Click It Local, detroit style

The boys from Cambridge Foodies each try their own pizza from White Label Detroit Pizza.


Today I was kindly sent a pizza from White Label Detroit Pizza to try, via Click it Local, which is a great option to find hidden gems within your area. We went for the Hawaiian Holiday which was topped with pulled pork, roasted pineapple and chilli jam.

Goes great with Dips Sauce

The pizza was a good size – enough for one if you’re eating alone or two if you’re having sides and it was full of flavour – sweet without being overpowering. The focaccia-style base was a nice alternative to your ‘standard’ pizza – giving a crisp crust and a soft and airy centre.

Before the 30 minute bake

The instructions were clear and simple, although we found it was a little over-cooked by the suggested cooking time and would probably recommend cooking for 25 minutes instead. The pizza was delivered in a foil tray which was a real plus when it comes to washing up! We really enjoyed our pizza , and it was a perfect with Dips Sauces too which is always a bonus!😋😛

A must for all you pizza lovers out there! 😋🍕


You may have noticed a few adverts on the Cambridge Foodies from the chaps at White Label Detroit Pizza over the past few weeks.

Tonight, they were kind enough to send us over a few pizzas to sample ourselves to see what it was all about.

The order comes from Click It Local which is where I recently experienced my first ever 7 hour delivery while ordering some craft beer from The Dinky Drinky Box.

Pre cooked pizza

I must admit, when I first saw these Detroit style pizzas in their pre cooked state, I was unsure whether they would be enough for me. Looking at it, they came across quite anaemic. After baking them for 30 minutes at 180 in the oven they really gained volume and bloomed into an incredibly deep pan pizza which I struggled to finish. Usually, someone like myself can finish a large takeaway pizza or a Chicago Town in one go but I had to leave a slice of this for later. 😵‍💫

Being from Ely, I’ve always struggled to get good pizza in this area. Nowhere has ever been able to get it right (or at least do a good pizza consistently) but now knowing that I can get this deep pan Detroit style pizza on order may have sealed it for me as this is some of the best pizza I’ve had.

What really sets it apart is the cheese. The multiple layers really give it a depth of flavour which really sets it apart from takeaway pizza. Cooking it in the oven means you can order a few and keep them in the fridge or freezer as you need them. Also, it means you can add extra toppings before you cook it. For me, it was jalapeno’s and chillies (Surprise, surprise!).

Naturally, I added my own spices and chillies on top.

Their pizzas start from about £13 and you can even buy a selection of desserts and fizzy drinks. Make sure you check these guys out, especially if you feel like you are in a pizza rut. You won’t be disappointed!

Link: https://whitelabeldetroitpizza.co.uk/shop/


I’m the third of us owners to have been treated to a Pizza by White Label Detroit Pizza and having tried their pepperoni pizza last week (delicious), I thought one of us ought to try their vegetarian offering.

My Sicilian Margherita arrived at around 4pm on Friday having been delivered by the excellent Click it Local courier and I started warming the oven. On the lid of the tray provided there are clear and simple instructions, set to 180° and put the whole try inside excluding the lid for half an hour. My daughter and I wait, trying to not to salivate on the carpet as wafts of freshly baked bread, sunblushed tomatoes, basil and melting cheese tease their way through to the sitting room.

After one of the longest 30 minutes of each of our lives, the alarm finally goes and I take out a perfectly cooked, fluffed up and fragrant Margherita pizza. The Pizza is easily removed from the foil tray, revealing their signature cheese lined crust, gently pressing the centre of the pizza quickly reveals how much it has fluffed up, easily doubling in size from when it first went in the oven. I sliced it into quarters, and dished up for my daughter and I (she’s a tougher critic than I am).

It’s hard to pick out what hits you first, and even more difficult to decide what you like best about this pizza. The texture is incredible and complex, with a nice crunch from the crust, followed by a fluffy and delightfully chewy base with perfectly cooked toppings adding further textural delight. But what really sets this pizza apart for me is the cheese. I am sick to death of cheese on takeaway pizza’s just being a vessel for stringiness, without any flavour of its own. White Label Detroit Pizza, bring a powerful punch with their cheese blend that perfectly contrasts with the sweetness and slight acidity of the tomato based topping and is a real delight to consume.

And yes, Lilly loved it too!

I was already a convert to these guys after last week’s Pepperoni experience, and I doubt I will order a takeaway pizza again from the likes of Domino’s or Pizzahut. Why would I, when I can have something so fresh, and so flavourful straight from the oven in my own home. Easily the best takeaway pizza available in Cambridgeshire right now, I highly recommend giving it a go.

Give this discount code a spin on their website to try them yourself: SHP19X

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