Bills BBQ – Sutton In The Isle.

After discovering this gem while scrolling through the Cambridge BBQ Club, I was adamant that I was going to take advantage of a brand new Texas style BBQ stall located in my very own village of Sutton, near Ely.

It is not often we get excited over anything food related in our village. Despite the villages many great qualities, Sutton has always lacked on the food scene, so I was keen to get down there this Saturday afternoon and see what all the fuss was about.

Upon arrival I noticed a long queue spilling off into the road. Mildly frustrating but living proof of the demand for quality food in the village. The best thing about Bills BBQ is that free beer is offered while you wait…yes, you heard me! Free beer!

It took around 20-30 minutes to get to the front of the queue but with a free beer and the sun out, the time just flied by. It was also nice to see people in the local neighbourhood getting into the spirit of the day, with children wearing Bills BBQ t-shirts, and neighbours talking about how the man running it (I presume Bill) was up at 2am getting the meat ready for today…that is clearly a man who has a passion for what he does! The staff here were also friendly and incredibly chatty which added to an overall lively and positive experience.

Looking at the menu, there were limited options. Clearly they are focusing on getting a few things perfect rather than spreading themselves too thin.

You are able to buy different types of meat here in 100g portions, which I noticed some people buy on its own. I decided to go for a pulled pork sandwich for £7 and purchased an extra 100g’s of pulled pork to go into the burger. This brought the total up to £10.

This is not cheap, so this was going to need to be something special to justify the cost.


The sandwich (burger) didn’t take long to come out and was put into a polystyrene container to go. As I purchased an extra 100g of pulled pork the portions were fantastic. I highly recommend doing this for anyone thinking of visiting. I presume the original sandwich comes with 100g, so that gives an estimated 200g of pulled pork in the sandwich.

There were options for pickles and BBQ sauce (which I decided to go for) that complimented the sandwich perfectly.

The pulled pork sandwich was immense. The pork was so juicy and succulent with a lovely smokey taste. Just how I would imagine true Texas style to be! 

I’ve struggled to find a burger joint in Cambridge which has managed to meet my expectations over the years, with places which as Honest Burger and Herbies being average at best but Bills BBQ has managed to not only meet my standard but go beyond it. 

The price is on the expensive side, there is no escaping that, but with a free beer all can be forgiven, especially since some places will charge you up to £4 for a bottle alone.

It is also worth mentioning that the burger bun was fantastic too, and something which is not often discussed with burgers. The bun was strong enough to hold together through the entire meal and did not break under the succulent pulled pork and sauce. This is something which many places fall flat and I think it worth noting.

I highly recommend Bills BBQ and look forward to it popping up again. Make sure you keep your ear to the ground and follow them on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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