Holy Burger – St Ives

Tucked away in a St Ives industrial estate is Holy Burger.

This food van has been on my radar for a while now, yet has always managed to escape me for one reason or another. Today I thought I would take the plunge and finally see what it had to offer.

Holy Burger first caught my attention due to their social media page showing examples of utterly gargantuan sized burgers (even by slightly warped advertising standards). As burger joints often leave me feeling a little underwhelmed for the money, I was hopeful that I might finally find a place which satisfies my stomach or my wallet (or both).

Looking at the menu, I couldn’t help but laugh at their hilarious biblical names for all their burgers. The Baby Cheesus, The Holy Porker, and the Good Samaritan. These names all give little clues into what the burger contains but the menu gives a detailed description to help guide anyone who may get confused.

There was also a good selection of sides. Many other food vans offer a very limited choice, so this was good to see. Loaded Chips, Mozzarella, Onion Rings, Slaw, and Mac & Cheese, you name it.

Being my first time I wanted to try their signature dish, so I decided to go for the infamous Holy Burger.

As mentioned above, many burger places leave me feeling like I’ve not quite had a full meal, so I ordered some pulled pork chips to go with it…just in case.

This came to £18 in total. £10.50 for the burger and £7.50 for the pulled pork chips.

When the burger came out I realised what a fool I was ordering the pulled pork chips too! This thing was a monster! The photo really does not do it justice but it was one of the largest burgers I’ve had outside of a Hungry Horse restaurant.

What immediately hit me was the size of the bun. Many places fall flat by cramming in as much as they can without thinking about how it’s all going to be held together. This leaves the bun unable to cope with all the sauce and juice which leaves the entire thing disintegrating in your hand. This simply isn’t the case here, as you can see, the bun is perfectly sized to hold this beast together!

Their signature black garlic ketchup does not look very appealing but really gave the burger a rich and very sweet flavour.

The Praying Porky Chips were also huge. I started to notice a theme here. These were chips doused in cheese sauce, pulled pork, their signature BBQ sauce, topped with spring onions. Absolutely fantastic!

I was really impressed with how much pulled pork it came with. For £7.50, this was a meal in itself and I couldn’t finish it after the burger. Bravo, Holy Burger, you have defeated me!

I was thoroughly impressed with Holy Burger. The portions were fantastic, the food delicious, and a good selection on the menu which gives you a reason to keep coming back. This is currently my favourite burger van and I have a feeling being so close to work that I’ll be coming back again! 👍

…Though next time, I think I’ll stick to just the burger!

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