The Three Pickerels – Mepal

The Three Pickerels is one of those perfect places to take your dog on a Sunday afternoon. Located along the New Bedford Rive, it provides wonderful views of the countryside and a nice open space for your dog to sit while you enjoy a cheeky pint and a pizza. The pub is currently in the middle of a refurbishment, so the team have moved everything outside until the grand reopening which gives a nice rustic experience with stunning views.

Upon arriving you are met with a big white tent which weather proofs your experience. You also have benches outside in case you want to sit by the river. There is an outside bar so you can order a pint without having to go indoors which makes life much easier.

The beer selection was small but there were some good options available with Camden Hells and Estrella Galicia on tap. They also do fresh pizzas in their own stone baked oven.

There were some decent but fairly rudimentary choices on the pizza menu. Everything was competitively priced which is always welcome to see in the current climate, with no pizza going over the £9 mark.

The Meaty One, £9
The Sweet & Spicy One, £9.
The BBQ one, £9.

The pizzas came out in good time. We were given an alert which vibrates when they were ready for collection so we could relax by the river with a pint of beer. The pizzas didn’t look much to start with but were absolutely fantastic to eat.

Each one was full of flavour, succulent, and most of all…fresh! Easily worth the £9. Frankly, I was expecting to pay more.

As we were eating there were plenty of dog owners turning up after a long walk with their furry friend. As the bar was outside, the dogs were able to sit down quietly with their water dishes and relax without any trouble. Once we were done we were on our way to burn off the beers and pizza along the stunning fenland countryside. There is nothing better than a beer and pizza which is calorie neutral.

Great food, good beer, stunning location, and excellent value. I’ll be back, without a doubt!

Thanks for reading.

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