I’m Chip – Ely Market ğŸ‡§ğŸ‡ª

It was a Saturday morning and the family and I were wandering around Ely market looking for something a little different for lunch. We come here often and there is always something interesting to try but we were getting to a point where we had sampled everything the market has to offer.

Luckily, we stumbled across this Belgium chip stall which I had never seen before. Just when you think Ely market has been conquered, it manages to pull something else out of the hat. Loaded Belgium chips was something I had never heard of, let alone tried, so was excited to see what it was all about.

The stall was proudly vegan and offered a selection of different choices from Christmas themed chips, to ‘No-War’ chips, ‘Pun-jabi’ chips, and ‘Butter-Sprouts’ chips. They were certainly interesting choices and a far cry from the chips smothered in ketchup you expect from a typical market (though ketchup and BBQ sauce was also available here).

Crispy parsnips were on sale too, which you could add to your cone for a mere 49p. To can even get teeny tiny cones for children. It is a fun place which doesn’t take itself too seriously, with googly eyes on the cones and holiday themed options.

My wife went for the Christmas themed loaded chips, which come with ‘xrisspy dip’, cranberry sauce, parsnips, and a vegan stuffing in a blanket.

She thought that the chips were good quality and “really nicely cooked and very fluffy”. The cranberry sauce was a “a nice touch and something I would never think to put on chips but worked well”.

Being in a cone, this was a dish which was significantly easier to eat while on the market when compared to other food vans and was something she said she would buy again. I decided to go for the Tibet Flavour that day but will certainly be looking to try the ‘pun-jabi’ one on my next visit.

I will update this post down the line as I sample more chips.

Thanks for years.

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