German Sausage – Ely Market ðŸ‡©ðŸ‡ª

While mooching around Ely market the other day, my family and I were feeling a bit peckish and were looking for something to eat. All of a sudden I spotted that glorious flag! 🇩🇪

I love German food. It’s something which I feel gets overlooked too often when compared to other countries. Granted, a German sausage is hardly cuisine but I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed a novelty sized Germanic sausage while on the go. They are always very satisfying in their simplicity, easy to eat, and I am a sucker for the German mustard which I cannot seem to find anywhere else. 

Prices have gone up since my visit last year, from £5 to £6. This is to be expected considering the rampant inflation at the moment . This still makes it cheaper than I’m Chip (loaded Belgium chips) which came to £7.95 for a cone of potato.
The stall is done like a wooden chalet found at the German Christmas markets, which is a nice touch. It is a shame they did not sell gluhwein wine too, as that would have brought the true German Christmas market experience home. 
One I ordered last year
As expected, the sausage did not disappoint in terms of size and was made to look even larger by the small roll it is put in. It is a noticeably step upward in quality from the usual hot dog stands we often find lingering around Cambridge, in my opinion. Even if you are more partial to English sausage, German sausages are harder to come by and its nice to have this choice. You get a choice of sauerkraut, bacon bits, and a selection of sauces, such as German mustard, BBQ sauce, spiced mayo, chilli & garlic, garlic & herb, and a selection of others. 
The German Sausage staff at last years Christmas market.

The German Sausage stall is almost always at Ely Market, so if you fancy giving it a go it is a safe bet it will be there. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for them at Christmas time too. Nothing beats doing Christmas German style. Let me know in the Cambridge Foodies what you think! 


Thanks for reading!

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