Mina Steak House – CB1

โ€˜Advertโ€™ โ€“ The team at Mina Steakhouse invited us to their restaurant for the purposes of the review. On this occasion the food was provided for free. No conditions were given on attending or writing the review. Everything written is accurate and our unbiased opinion. For more information on our policy, click here I know, I … Continue reading Mina Steak House – CB1

The Robin Hood – Cherry Hinton

The Cambridge Foodies isn't just for expensive gourmet cuisine. I have always tried to represent all types of food and explore every budget I can in order to keep our community inclusive. As long as we can provide a utility to someone, then I feel the urge to report it. I know dozens of people, … Continue reading The Robin Hood – Cherry Hinton

Wildwood – The chain which gets it right for parents ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Once a year my childhood friends and I gather up the kids and meet up for a big Christmas meal. It's a tradition we've managed to keep going for decades now in order to stay in touch and make sure we don't gradually lose contact. It's the usual question every year, where do we go … Continue reading Wildwood – The chain which gets it right for parents ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Histon Smokehouse

I had the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of an old friend this evening, so we decided to pop in for a well over due visit to the Histon Smokehouse. Located across the road from the green in Histon, this used to be the very popular Chinese restaurant, The Pheonix. Since its closure, i've had … Continue reading Histon Smokehouse

Inferno BBQ – Ely

Located 5 minutes walk from the Ely train station, next to a free car park, and just across the road from the beautiful riverside jubilee park, Inferno BBQ is perfectly located for locals, visitors and tourists alike. It's also easy to get to, sandwiched between everything you'd want to visit in Ely, and offers a … Continue reading Inferno BBQ – Ely