Ely Spice

Fairly flat and ordinary meal from Ely Spice tonight.

I remember when Ely Spice was one of the best places which delivered to my area but after this rather anemic experience it has put me off.

The saag aloo was basically potatoes with a few specs of spinach. This is something which is very easy to prepare and very cheap. So, why scrimp on it?

The chicken tikka masala was the first I’ve tried which I’ve not liked. This is quite a sweet dish normally and hard to get wrong but they somehow managed it. For the sake of balance, my wife (whose dish it belonged too) thought it was fine. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it was just too sour.

I had chicken vindaloo. This was ok. Quite mild.

My boy had a chicken jalfreizi. He’s only 11 but found it a little too spicy for him. 😂 He thought he could handle it but he’s not quite there yet. This is no comment on Ely Spice just a minor set back on my boys journey to be the ultimate hot head 😂

The rice was great. The mushroom rice specifically was very good! The portion sizes were generous and the presentation looked wonderful. Unfortunately, good rice was not enough to save the meal.

What are everyone else’s experiences with Ely Spice?

Was this a one-off?

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