The Village Inn – Witchford

A lovely pint at The Village Inn in Witchford, near Ely.

The selection of beers was fair. I was pleased to see a Czech beer on tap but unfortunately just the mass produced English brewed Pravha. That said, they clearly took care of their beer here as it tasted great. Other places neglect it and often get left with a bad taste in the mouth.

The service here is absolutely excellent. Each one of the team was so friendly and attentive. The landlord even recognised that we weren’t regulars and sat down with us to talk to us. Something so rare in pubs these days.

The pub itself was perfectly balanced. The football was on but the sound was off so you could still follow the sport but also enjoy a quiet beer without it blarring in your ears.

I noticed a lot of people have a roast dinner too, so this is a place you may consider for a Sunday roast. Certainly a place I’d recommend and much better than anything in the area outside of Ely.

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