Lot 25 – Willingham

We headed to Lot25 in Willingham to watch England beat Germany in the euro world cup football

An absolutely superb evening watching the mighty England stuff Germany at Lot 25!

I had no idea this place existed despite driving past numerous times during my daily commute through Willingham. It is very tucked away and you can be forgiven for missing it but once you know where it is the place opens up and has quite a lot of space. My advice is to keep an eye out for the sign pictured above.

This bar is spacious, open, and incredibly welcoming. The staff here are impeccable with second to none table service. Before I was even finished with my drink they were on me looking to wet my whistle. The only drink on tap was Estrella which originally was disappointing (as everywhere I’ve had it in the past was pretty poor) but they seem to look after it well here, so the beer was incredibly smooth and crisp.

If you really have a problem with Estrella, then you are kinda stuck. It is also expensive. There’s no two ways about it.

That said, you get free crisps with your pint, the beer is well looked after, and the table service is excellent so it depends if you are willing to pay for a quality experience. On a night like tonight, I certainly was!

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether it’s worth £5 a pint but one thing I will say is that good pubs are hard to find in this area and the memories I had of that evening will live with me forever. This is mainly because of the game but Lot 25 offered a unique environment and excellent watching experience which heightened a special evening.

The projector was a great touch and the screen was huge. It really added to the atmosphere of the venue. The sound was played on a sound bar which was a little disappointing as you could barely hear the game. That said, the England fans watching the game were very loud and rowdy because of the occasion and you probably wouldn’t have been able to hear anything anyway.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Lot 25 tonight. The venue was superb, the staff were perfect, and the atmosphere was brilliant. If you don’t like Estrella then this might not be the place for you but if you do then forget about it!

I will certainly be visiting again!

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